Pregnancy (the second time around)

As we are both hurtling towards the end of our second pregnancies, we thought it would seem appropriate to reflect on our experiences the second time around. 

  1. Exhaustion 

This is bad. Really bad. On Saturday night I fell asleep at 6pm, 8pm and then went to bed at 9pm. 

  1. Bigger 

When I went on the scales at the hospital last week, I actually screamed. When I came out, my husband looked scared and mortified at what I was about to tell him. At 28 weeks I had gained the same amount of weight that I did over my entire pregnancy the last time around. Utterly mortifying, but not entirely unexpected considering my starting weight is higher, my sugar intake since having a toddler is dreadful and I cannot stop eating biscuits and salted butter (not together thankfully).  

  1. Toddlers are not gentle

Ours jump on us, kick us (sometimes accidentally/sometimes definitely not accidentally), shove our boobs and generally want to be carried a lot. 

  1. Not loving pregnancy

Last time I was pregnant, I promised myself that if I was lucky enough to have another baby, I would try and enjoy pregnancy more. Turns out that I do not. I just feel even fatter and even more exhausted than I did the last time around. 

  1. Guilt 

The above leads nicely on to our final point - guilt. Neither of us are loving pregnancy and our whats app chat is mingled with funny anecdotes about Violet and Ivy, Nuttery Buttery business and general pregnancy related moaning. We also realise how unbelievably fortunate we are, and in all honesty this is never far from my mind.

I know we will both look back in a couple of years and yearn for this time. I already look at pictures of myself with Ivy and think that I looked alright and why was I making all the fuss!

8 weeks to go and counting.