Weaning second time around

Before I start off with Maisie’s journey, I just wanted to recap on what I did with Violet. I wasn’t in any particular camp (baby-led or puree), I just went with the flow, attended a weaning workshop and did a first aid course. Violet was a pretty good eater from the start, although she does have her ups and downs with food but I have learnt along the way to try and be relaxed about it all. I read a really good post by Rachel (who runs @babyledweaningideas) about learning to trust your children’s instincts and if they don’t eat their dinner on one occasion it may be simply because they aren’t hungry so don’t make a big deal of it. This really changed my perspective on meal time, prior to this, if Violet hadn’t eaten, I would offer an alternative that I knew she would eat.

A few things I have done differently this time:

Baby led v puree - Second time round I wanted to go strictly down the baby led weaning route. Purely from a convenience point of view, allowing me to mainly cook one meal for the whole family  rather than separate meals for us, Violet and then Maisie.

Meal planning - With our current situation we are only going out the supermarket every 7-10 days, meal planning has never been so important. I remember when I was doing this with Violet, I decided that day what she was eating with the luxury of being able to pop to the shops whenever I felt like it. We get a weekly fruit and vegetable box delivery and then plan our meals around that, which has meant the variety of meals that Maisie has eaten in her first couple of weeks has been so much better than Violet.

Relaxing about gagging (well trying to be!) - We have had a couple of gagging incidences so far, which have been quite minor and I am a lot more relaxed (as with everything) second time around. My whole body still tenses as it’s happening but I just let her work it out and try to relax, telling myself that this is normal. I remember this being so much more stressful with, taking her out of her high chair on a few occasions, and patting her back to get her food out. On reflection she was just gagging and not choking, but of course so much easier to reflect on with hindsight!

The mess -The only real negative to baby led weaning I have found is the mess, but this is definitely compounded by the fact we can’t leave the house so I am constantly cleaning anyway. I am definitely looking forward to going out for picnics and going to our favourite cafes for meal times.

Our journey so far has been really positive, Maisie has been amazing with food, literally seeing her plate, grabbing it and shovelling it all in. She isn’t actually swallowing a huge amount but she is trying everything that she is given, which I am very pleased about.